Durable and mobile protection ofyour data



Our secure drives are the essence of latest technology combined with beauty of modern design, user experience and security need.

USB flash drive (USB 3.0)
Version A

Ultra-lightweight design

Non-metal case and mobility

High capacity

Up to 128GB of secured and mobile space

Easy-to-use pinpad

Ensures readability and usability in any environment

Strong encryption and privacy protection

The AES-256 encryption algorithm keeps the data secured even when its turned off.

Tough metal construction

Alloy design gives additional security to your data

Auto-lock and self-destrution

Unused devices automatically is locked. Erasing the data after multiple attempts of guessing the password

Hardware AES-256 encryption

All data is encrypted in real-time by hardware and is stored in protected way

Onboard secured keypad

Entering password directly to encryption processor avoids hackers attacks


USB flash drive (USB 3.0)
Version B

B18 series

The B18's gives up to 1TB of secured drive space

USB 3.0 and SSD memory allows fast access to your files

USB pocket drive (USB 3.0)
B18 series

Privacy and sensitive data protection

Only you can access the encrypted information in your ENCREEX drive

Ultra-fast & high capacity storage

Even up to 1TB of storage and 500MB/s* transfer speed.
*) Performance may vary based on system, hardware configuration & SSD

AS thin as it can be

Slim compact design that fits in a pocket

Made of best materials

Durable and shockproof alloy case


Reasons to ENCREEX your data

The ENCREEX allows you to protect your sensitive data in a convient and secured way. Other security products available on the market might be just not enough. Modern hackers try to gain access to your private life, steal corporate secrets and stay undetected.

Persistent encryption

Control access to your confidential data

Malware free

The encrypted drive cannot be infected - nobody except you can access it


Even lost will remain safe - Those who will try brute-force your PIN will remove the data


Different passwords for different types of access (read-only) prevent accidental data erase

Privacy protection

Ensure your private life remains secure and out of reach of hackers

Prevent corporate espionage

Protect your technology and trade secrets

B35 series

Perfect for enterprise usage as secured backup

USB 3.0 for highspeed transfer and up to 10TB of secured storage

Perfect for enterprise usage

Tough case and secured keypad gives additional physical security for the data

No drivers and no software

Universal usage on any popular operating system

Hardware AES-256 encryption

All data is encrypted in real-time by hardware and is stored in protected way

High performance and capacity for workgroup

File sharing, network storage, backup and archival


Encrypted storage for your files


USB enterprise storage (USB 3.0)
B35 series

Key features

ENCREEX drive will protect your privacy and sensitive data

Durable and fast

SSD memory ensures quick access to the data

Convenient backup

Portable size, large capacity and encryption - all you need to backup your files

Plug-and-Play technology

No drivers and no software - only YOU and ENCREEX


You can use it on every popular system
or smart TV

Strong encryption

AES-256 encryption ensures your data privacy and protection

Safe travel

Your data can safely travel wherever you go - the car, the plane, the office or even the park

Still thinking about not protecting your data ?

Cybercriminals will not wait forever until you are prepared.

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